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Top Travel Agency to visit Romania

top travel agency visit Romania

We know that it is hard to plan a trip during these times. The pandemic that has affected the entire world is a subject very known to everyone. However, one day the sun will shine on our street as well. When that happens, what travel agency should you choose for your perfect vacation?

Today we’ll take a look at the top travel agency you can choose, especially when planning your visit to Romania. We have researched on multiple platforms in order to gather all the data about these agencies.

top travel agency visit Romania
Plan your trip to Romania with a top travel agency

Now, we will do something different: we are not ranking these agencies from bottom to top. They are all different and have their pros and cons, therefore we will just list them. If you don’t agree with our selection, feel free to drop your comments below.

Who uses a travel agency to plan a trip?

If we look at our list, we will find the easiest answer to this question: everyone. From business people to families on a budget, anyone can benefit from a travel agency’s services.

  • international travelers
  • business travelers
  • group travelers
  • families
  • couples
  • travel enthusiasts
  • people seeking for great deals

When planning your travel to Romania, make sure that you consider everything: travel agency accreditation, credentials, fees, international travel planning, group travel planning and land and sea planning. A travel agency that offers these services at decent charges is always more preferred than a shady business with high fees and poor feedback.

Types of travel agencies

They are both online and offline. Back in the early days people used to walk in an agency looking for a deal on their ideal destination. Nowadays, less people go physically to the agency, since they can book their trip online. Let’s take a look at the type of travel agencies you can choose from, depending on your travel scope:

  • membership associations: if you are a member of a selected club or group, you can benefit from specific deals based on your membership features. Most times you get special deals, discounts or vacation packages in exchange of an annual fee
  • online travel agencies: they do not have a physical office but you can use their services online. These can be booking agents, rent-a-car services, activities planners and many more
  • niche specific: these agencies provide services to specific groups of interest, narrowed on niches. The packages available have a design oriented on specific items or activities, such as sports trips, religion oriented trips, winter destinations and activities, plus many others. Also, they focus on niche knowledge, ensuring that their tourists are well aware of the travel plan
  • commercial travel agencies: these are the most popular agencies, since they work to provide the best deals and packages to travelers. We can find them anywhere, even in our brief on how to find a top travel agency to visit Romania.

Top travel agency to visit Romania

AAA travel agency

Get all the travel information you need from AAA. They may not be as popular worldwide as Booking, or Skyscanner, but the information on their platform is very useful. They also provide a membership program through which you can receive additional discounts for your trip.

Booking Holdings

This is the company owning Booking.com, one of the most popular platforms for trip planning. For those who are not familiar with the platform, you can check for accommodation, deals, vacation packages and many more. You can also book your airport transfer in advance, ensuring to have everything covered at your arrival.

The organization is the second most powerful travel agency and owns additional subsidiaries, such as Booking.com, Kayak, OpenTable, Priceline.com, Agoda and Rentalcars.com.


The friendly owl hits again! Get all the feedback and reviews you need from TripAdvisor. Check the hotels you are planning to stay at, or the restaurants in your visiting area. Plan your trip to Romania based on real feedback from other users.

The interface is really friendly and easy to use. You can also visit the forum and be part of the discussions with other users, or you can even leave a review if you enjoyed your stay. Also, read the latest articles and tips on travelling, even during these difficult times.


When planning a trip to Romania you may look for the best offers to fit your budget. We have tried different online planners and travel agents but none had the best offers as Skyscanner. You can compare different packages, flights and hotels, you can get tips and tricks on cultural trends, book services or cars and many more.

All you need to do is select your preferred option and then you will be redirected to the third party to complete your reservations. You can also get additional discounts when using Skyscanner, discounts that are not available in other places.

By the way, since the name also suggests comparing flights, check our list with the best airlines operating in Romania.

Agoda Travel Agency

Also owned by the Booking Holdings, Agoda includes listings all around the world, so you can book your accommodation, flight and airport transfer. The platform also provides available deals, popular destinations and many more.

The platform is a lot like Booking.com, but the offers provided come from different budget ranges, to ensure that anyone can benefit of a great deal. Their Things To Do feature is also am advantage to using this platform, since you can get more insights on your options.

Last Minute

European travel is a lot easier with Last Minute. You can either select from the best deals already packed, or choose your destination and see what’s on. Flash sales are also available for those who are eager of a spontaneous adventure.

What is more, you can even select the kind of trip you are looking for: food, sun, winter, culture, just pick!


Another platform where you can plan your trip to Romania is Expedia. You can plan your entire trip, from your flight, accommodation, car rental, things to do, additional services and even airport transfers.

Expedia ranks as the most powerful travel agency in 2020 according to Travel Pulse, due to the $107.9 billion in sales. Among the brands working under the Expedia organization we can mention Hotels.com, Vrbo, Trivago, Orbitz, Travelocity and Hotwire.


Kiwi.com is an online booking platform slightly different in the technical area. As a user you can book your flight on their platform for each leg of your journey.

This means that if you have your trip divided into more legs you can choose which airline is best for each leg. However, for the second flight the airline will not give you any refund if you miss their reservation because of the first flight.

Their innovative techniques allow you to make more complex reservations. Just make sure you consider any unexpected events, so that you won’t miss any flight.

Honorable mention: AirBnB

Even though this platform is a bit different from other travel agencies, we had to mention AirBnB. Users can select their accommodation from the available listings. Instead of going to a hotel or a resort, you can book an entire apartment.

Usually, this option is preferred by small groups going in the same vacation, or by families, couples or simply by people who want to feel different than in a hotel. AirBnB is also a good option if you have an apartment that you can rent, for both short term or long term.

Now, I think we got most of them covered. Is there a specific platform or travel agency that you were hoping to find in our list, but we forgot to mention?

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