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Sibiu Christmas Market

targul de craciun

Did you plan your vacation at Sibiu Christmas Market?

Sibiu Christmas Market takes place each year in Piata Mare, Piata Mica and Nicolae Balcescu street. This is a cultural event organized by the Austrian Embassy and the local Sibiu authorities. The first edition took place in 2007, when Sibiu was the European Capital of Culture, together with Luxembourg. Currently, Sibiu Christmas Market is among the most popular Christmas fares in the entire world, as popular as the Vienna Christmas Markets or London’s Winter Wonderland.   

13th edition: Sibiu Christmas Market 2019

This year’s edition will gather over 100 national and foreign merchandisers. As some of you may remember, last year’s edition had a nice image projection in Piata Mare with trees and snow. This year, Piata Mare will also be illuminated with different video projections, which will make Sibiu a leader in the most illuminated city center in Romania.

The first edition took place in 2007 as a pilot edition. Back then, Piata Mare hosted 38 houses for merchandise, while today people can choose from over 80 sellers. Even from the first editions, this event was received with an open heart by the public. It soon became the only Christmas Market in Romania which is popular across the borders, reaching out to thousands of tourists each year.

Sibiu Christmas Market Attractions

To start with, Santa’s Workshop is one of the most visited attractions at Sibiu Christmas Market. Here, children make a reservation weeks in advance, in order to join different games and workshops. They learn how to cook their favorite cinnamon cookie, how to draw, how to sew and many other educational activities.

Another main attraction at Sibiu Christmas Market is Santa’s Park, an amusement park dedicated to children only. Some of you may know it, as it is located in the center of the Christmas Market, with a unique layout. Children can join the carousel and take a walk with Santa’s train, while passing through an imaginative world.

Children are not the only ones enjoying the action, as adults can also buy a ticket to their amusement park. They can select between fun and adrenaline, as it can be seen in the video below.

The most specific attraction at Sibiu Christmas Market remains the local merchandise. You can purchase woolen clothes and shoes for cold winter days, or you can buy a souvenir or a present for someone you love. In addition, you can purchase toys for children or home decorations to make your home prettier.

If you didn’t have time to purchase your ticket to Sibiu Christmas Market, you can still watch it live here.

Food and beverages are the most purchased items in the Christmas Market. Everyone who visits the Christmas Faire must drink a hot wine and eat traditional food, followed by a sweet pancake or a cinnamon Kurtos.

Regardless of what you eat, drink or purchase, Sibiu Christmas Market will be the best destination to visit this month.

Have you ever visited Sibiu Christmas Market? What are your thoughts on this event?

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