Bucharest Hidden Beauties: How many can you recognize?

Romania’s capital is a bohemian city, with amazing architecture and tourist attractions. Everyone knows about People’s Palace, the Triumph Arc or Herastrau Park. However, there are numerous Bucharest hidden beauties that you may have never heard of. Wanna know more about them? Let’s take a look at them together!


Bucharest Hidden Beauties
that you didn’t know about


From hidden passages, tight streets, old buildings and amazing bars, you can really enjoy all Bucharest hidden beauties. These are the places that very few people talk about, because very few know about them. However, these are really amazing places in Bucharest that you definitely need to visit!


Macca House

Taken out of a painting, the Macca house has an amazing architecture and a long history. The house was built in the 19th century with an amazing interior and wonderful decorations. Unfortunately, Macca house is currently abandoned, so you’d better visit it before its demolition!

Macca House Entrance. Photo Credit: Facebook
Macca House Bucharest. Photo Credit: Facebook



Tepes Castle

Even though it’s not the real one, Tepes Castle replica is still one of the most interesting Bucharest Hidden Beauties. If you’re looking for an amazing place to take some great photos, this is the place. You can even rent a costume or a horse and have a medieval photo shooting. Oh, what a nice idea!

Photo credit: Unveil Romania
Photo credit Dreams
Tepes Castle Bucharest. Photo Credit: Earth’s Attractions



Hidden Passages in the Old Town

Popular not only locally but also nationally, the old town center has plenty of hidden streets and passages. Among the most beautiful ones is the Macca-Vilacrosse passage. When you’re here, you feel as if you crossed into another dimension and another time.

If you were looking for the best place to take some Instagram shots, then this is the place!

Vilacrosse Pub
Macca-Vilacrosse Passage. Photo Credit: Facebook
Macca-Vilacrosse Passage during winter. Photo Credit: Dana Stefanescu



Bellu Cemetery

Bellu Cemetery is one of the most beautiful cemeteries in Romania and the largest cemetery in Bucharest. If you’re a Doctor Who fan, don’t visit it! Or if you do, make sure that you blink!

Bellu Cemetery. Photo credit: Romania Dacia
Funerary Monument. Photo credit: Unknown Bucharest
Porroianu’s Grave. Photo credit: TripAdvisor


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Pura Vida Sky Bar & Hostel


Are looking for cheap tips on travelling cheap in Bucharest and save money? Choose a hostel! What if we told you there’s a hostel with a bar on the roof?

Customers also say that here you’ll find the best cocktails in town. What we know for sure is that the hostel is clean and the bar offers really amazing views. Just imagine having a coffee on the roof at sunset. Or a beer. Or a glass of wine, anything!


Pura Vida Hostel. Photo source: Booking.com

By the way, does this look familiar? Does it remind you of Game of Thrones by any chance?


Pura Vida Sky Bar and Hostel Bucharest. Photo credit: Pura Vida

You can find this hostel on Smardan Street no. 7 .



Witches Pond

A long history lies behind the Witches Pond. It is said that this is the place where Vlad Tepes had his head cut off, though historians do not confirm it. Also, it is said that pregnant women who wanted to have an abortion come and stay in this water. Witches also gather here monthly and take their powers from inside this pond. What we know for sure is that not even animals get close to this place.

You can find the Witches Pond close to Cernica Forest.

Witches Pond. Credit: Unica
Witches Pond. Photo credit: Idei din Corcodus



The Staired Street in Cotroceni

Have you ever seen a staired street? One of the most amazing Bucharest hidden beauties is the street connecting Alexandru Vitzu  and Grigore Romniceanu streets. You can also walk along Xenofon street and enjoy walking on a different street style.


Mitropoliei Street. Photo credit: Simply Bucharest
Xenofon Street. Photo credit: Business Review


The tree that swallowed a fence

Doesn’t that sound exciting? If you ever feel depressed and with no purpose in life, go on Dionisie Lupu street and meet this determined tree. Locally known as “Otetarul din Dionisie Lupu”, this tree grew really determined to reach the sky and cross any limits. He is a really good motivation for anyone who aims for something. Impossible is not possible, everything is possible!



Chiajna Monastery

The ruined Chiajna Monastery is another creepy pace in Bucharest. There have been several crimes and person disappearances in this area. Locals even say that the place is haunted and that they saw ghosts here. If you’ve got heart issues, you might want to avoid this place by night.

Chiajna Monastery. Photo credit: Wikimedia
Chiajna Monastery Interior. Photo credit: Wikimedia


Photo credit: Wikimedia



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What would you like to know about Bucharest? Did you ever visit these hidden beauties of Bucharest?

Feel free to write your thoughts below!



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