11 Tips to travel cheap in 2018

Are you already thinking of your ideal destination? Great! Let’s take a look at 11 Tips to travel cheap in 2018! I tested these strategies myself. The result: cheap and fun vacations.



This post is mostly oriented towards travelers looking for tips on how to travel and save some money. It is not for users looking for all-inclusive in the most exotic destinations.

Tips to travel cheap in 2018 …
or any other year



Compare vacation packages


Take a look at the most popular websites with vacation packages. Everyone wants you to travel cheap in 2018!

If there’s a specific destination you like, then do this: act like a detective.

Search for plane tickets in the same period like the one in the trip package. Configure a separate booking to the same hotel (if you like it that much). In this way you will see if it’s worth buying the entire package or selecting your bookings separately.

Honestly, I never chose vacation packages. I always found better and cheaper options. Plus, I always had a great time!


Buy plane tickets in advance


The best way to save money when planning your trip is to not plan the dates. Instead, use different websites to check for cheap plane tickets and select the specific date. Usually, flight tickets are cheaper if booked in advance, directly from the airline’s website.

Once you have your cheap plane tickets purchased you can call your boss and inform him about your holiday.

Make sure you also buy your return ticket, just in case you’ll run out of money.


Don’t choose a 5-star hotel


Do you really need an all-inclusive 5-star hotel? Then you’re not really looking for cheaper trips, right?

Instead, make a list with all features you need at a hotel. Then, use different booking websites to configure your prefered accomodation.

If you are looking to travel cheap in 2018, then you can go for a Bed-and-Breakfast location.

Basically, you need a room with a bed and a shower, right?

We had an amazing time at Conacul lui Bulica. It was clean, cheap and the hosts were super-friendly and nice! Travelling cheap in 2018 will bring you so much joy!


Don’t enter the first restaurant you find

If you’re visiting an amazing city and you’re in the center of the town, don’t enter the first restaurant you see. Instead, browse around and check multiple menus to see what they have available. You can also use the best travel apps to find the best place with cheap and good food.

If you want to go travelling cheap in 2018 even more, you could buy some food from a local shop and eat in your hotel room. If you also rented an apartment (which could also be a cheap option), you can even cook your own meals, instead of going out!



Get to know local people


Knowing people from other countries can really help you save money. You can plan your trips in cities where your friends live. In this way you don’t need to hire a guide, your friend will tell you everything that you need to visit.

In addition, local people will give you tips on cheap places to visit, awesome things to do and local food. Even if you don’t know anyone from this area, feel free to meet new people in the evening in a local pub.

If you have really good friends, they might invite you to stay at their place during your city-break or short holiday. However, make sure that you won’t be a pain in the … . You know what I mean. Travelling cheap in 2018 is great, but don’t overdo it.



Plan your daily budget


When looking to travel cheap, set a daily budget that you won’t go over. You can hide the rest of the budget in your bags and leave them in the hotel room, to ensure that you won’t spend it.

Think about what you’re planning to visit. Set aside the money for food and local attractions entrances. The rest of your budget divide them for each day and limit yourself. Make sure you don’t spend them all in your first day, then starve till you get back home.



Don’t spend money on local merchandise


We all love shopping, but women love it more. However, don’t start spending everything you have on merchandise and gifts. You’re searching for methods to travel cheap in 2018, right?

How many times did you receive gifts from friends who travelled? Is this your vacation or theirs? Do they really need to receive a gift from you? Do they really deserve it? See what I mean?

Instead, use your phone or camera to take funny photos that you can later transform into tiny gifts. You can use those pictures to create either photo-transferred pieces of wood, fridge magnets, postcards or framed pictures.

Feel free to visit a city without entering the museums. You can explore a town’s beauty through a simple walk. Plus, you can create your own postcards with the places you visited.


Avoid buying clothes or bags


Make sure you take a large bag and pack everything that you need. Make sure that you check the weather report and pack clothes that will be suitable. However, take an extra jacket or an umbrella just in case.

We know that shopping can be addictive. However, we’re looking for ways to enjoy a cheap vacation, right?

Avoid entering shops! Do you really need more clothes? Do you really need that? Do you, really?

Make sure to pack your camera as well, your chargers, cosmetics, underwear, ID and documents. Don’t forget to print your flight tickets in advance.



Plan your things-to-see and things-to-do one week before


Check the local agenda and see what’s happening. You can easily create a 24-hour plan, like this one.

Visit local museums and tourist attractions, even if you don’t enter. Make sure that you take plenty of pictures that you will later download on your hard drive.

Make a list with the places you want to visit. Then, use Google Maps to see where they are on the map. You can take a screenshot and save it on your phone or even print it. This is a great way to travel cheap in 2018 without having to pay for a guide.

Also, make sure that you research about any entrance fees when planning your budget.


Cheap transportation during your trip


Do you already have your cheap trip planned and you know what places you want to visit? Awesome! Now, let’s talk about transportation.

Avoid spending your money on taxis! They are the most expensive method of transportation. Instead, check the packages and prices on oyster or transportation cards. Many cities all around the world have cheap transportation packages for subway, train, bus and railway.


Avoid phone surcharges


If you’re using roaming while traveling, make sure that you don’t go over your rates. We know that you want to travel cheap in 2018, so make sure you won’t have too much to pay for your phone bill back home.

Avoid surcharges by keeping your data connection off. Use free Wi-Fi instead! You can find free Wi-Fi at the hotel (your room or the lobby), local pubs, restaurants, fast foods, sometimes in shops as well.

Also, when talking with your friends and family keep your calls short. You can even write in a notebook everything that you want to tell them and prioritize what is urgent. Non-urgent matters can be discussed over a coffee when you get back.



What are your key strategies to keeping your budget limited?

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