Top 5 Things to Do in Sibiu This Winter

Sibiu Christmas Market, local museums and local flights are among the most chosen activities in Sibiu. Are you curious which are our Top 5 Things To Do In Sibiu? Then let’s go ahead and take a look at them!


5. Christmas Market Sibiu

This year’s Sibiu Christmas Market brings a new package for those who want to spend winter in Sibiu: City breaks. Tourists can choose to have accommodation and activities included in this package. These city break packages will allow any visitor to taste local food, purchase unique gifts and collect traditional items.

The market is one of the best things to do in Sibiu, perfect for children. They can hop in the carousel or experience the train on a dream route, between trees and through winder tunnels. They can also take part in various workshops or ask Santa for their special gifts.

Furthermore, Sibiu Christmas Market offers various small shops where visitors can purchase local food, beverages, gems and candies. If you happen to be hungry, then make sure you try the local sausages or even the German Wurst available at the Market.

The most wonderful attraction of the Market is the wall video projection of trees and snow. Tourists will be surrounded by a beautiful atmosphere, with different flavors and senses that can be found only at Sibiu Christmas Market.


4. Local Museums and Fortified Churches

Sibiu offers two major museum complexes: Brukenthal and Astra. You can choose visit the local museums, take a walk through Sibiu’s fortress or even visit local fortified churches. Even if you are not very religious, you will find these buildings to be amazing, filled with history and culture.

If you are searching for unique things to do in Sibiu, then you can go for a ride through the Astra Civilizations and Traditions Museum. This is the largest open-air museum in Europe, with over a hundred traditional houses, windmills, churches and many more.



3. Meet traditions in Marginimea Sibiului

Most people don’t know much about this type of activities. To be honest, it is one of the most amazing things one could ever experience. Tourists can plan a trip through Sibiu’s surrounding villages, the entire area being locally known as “Marginimea Sibiului”.

If you’re interested in learning more about the people and traditions in Romania, then this is a trip you must take! You can join different local festivities such as “Village Days”, you can visit local shepherds and taste local cheese and milk, drink some local beverages (including alcoholic drinks) and get to know local people.

Are you still searching for small but amazing things to do in Sibiu and its surroundings? Then have dinner in a local traditional restaurant, where you can taste cooked meals with local meat and cheese.

Photo Credit: Margiminea Sibiului (Facebook page)

2. Visit Arena Platos Paltinis Mountain Resort

Arena Platos has become one of the most popular attractions for winter sports. With events happening weekly, this place is great for everyone searching for things to do in Sibiu this winter. The resort wants to provide excellent experiences to all visitors, similar to the Austrian standards but with Romanian prices.

What’s more, it has the most modern fun-park in Romania with nightlights, one built on three platforms, each dedicated to three skill levels; beginners, intermediate and advanced.

If you’re  passionate about motorcycles, then you can join the White Enduro event on the 28th of December. If not, you could also choose to attend the Ski & Snowboard contest in January, or even watch the Bikini Race Contest in March.  You can find a list of all events here.

Photo Credit: Arena Platos

1. Fly above Sibiu with Delta AeroService

We have reached the most amazing thing to do in Sibiu! Delta AeroService has been flying tourists for more than 10 years. You can choose to have a 30-min flight above the beautiful city of Sibiu, or you can choose to visit the surrounding areas (including the ones presented above). Whichever you choose, make sure you take your camera with you.

The plane is a 2-seated aircraft (pilot and passenger), therefore you’ll need to leave your beloved one fly first (or second). However, the small aircraft can fly above some of the most attractive places in Sibiu. The Magura Airfield is located at 10 km away from the city center, between Sibiu and the small town of Cisnadie. Furthermore, Magura Airfield is home to one of the greatest music festivals in Romania, Airfield Festival.

Each flight can start at 10-min length and its prices range depending on the flight length you choose. If you’re planning to stay in Sibiu even more, then you can also sign up for a flight school. Feel free to contact Delta AeroService for more information.

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