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Have you ever wondered where the best coffee in Sibiu is? Let us tell you straight: Hug The Mug Sibiu. Not only will you be able to choose from a large variety of drinks, but the place will attract and welcome you every time you need a break. Let’s take a look at some key points.


Brief History of Hug The Mug Sibiu


The story of Hug the Mug Sibiu started on 18th of November 2015 on a Wednesday. Since then they strive to offer coffee as good as it can possible be. The coffee served here is 100% Arabica and always fresh. You may thing you know coffee, but wait until you try theirs.



Drinks Selection


At Hug the Mug Sibiu you can be sure that the coffee will always be the best possible. Their devotion to create quality products has been turned to passion. They are proud of their coffee and for this reason customers can observe how their coffee is being made every time. The drinks selection consists of a small but intelligently designed menu to satisfy every person. Here you can enjoy every common type of coffee from a simple Espresso to a large Americano. The menu also serves Tea, hot chocolate, iced coffee, a Frappe and even a cookie to go with your coffee. Here you can see the entire menu.





The first appearance of Hug the Mug was in Sibiu on the street Calea Dumbravii 16. It was a smart choice to pick this location as it’s a very populated area, especially during the morning when people go to work. This location is in the middle of most important businesses in Sibiu. Plus, there are high chances that if you have some work to do in town, you will end up in the area at least once.

After a few months Hug the Mug Sibiu opened its second location. This time they have chosen a more touristic area, located right in the city centre. Their second coffee shop is located on the Nicolae Balcescu Boulevard, just 5 min away from the all-known “Piata Mare”.



The interior of Hug the Mug looks as if it was designed by an artist. There are beautiful objects where ever you look. The place is quiet and cosy, so that you can enjoy a warm cup of coffee in peace. Their main location, the one on the Balcescu also has a sitting area outside, right on the side of the Boulevard. You can enjoy a wonderful day with a great coffee at the same time (which is what we did. Twice. In the same week).


Our review?

It would be a bold statement, but some say that Hug the Mug Sibiu serves the best coffee in town. This could actually be true. Their delicious coffee, along with the beautiful décor, gives visitors an experience that will be remembered.

Have you tried their coffee? Where would you say you had your best coffee in Sibiu? Let your comments below!


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