Visit Arad Part 5: A list of the main recreational attractions in Arad

With a history going back to the 11th century, Arad is one of the largest cities in Crisana, a historic-geographic region of Romania. With a small ruined fortress located in the middle of the Town, Arad is a large centre of cultures and traditions. If you’re planning a visit, here’s a list with a few of the recreational attractions in Arad.


Recreational attractions in Arad


Ghioroc Lake

The lake is just 22 Km away from Arad and is a place for some quiet time. Here you can either fish or have a refreshing swim. The lake is large enough to find a place just for you. However, if you aren’t bothered by a crowd, the lake features a beach as well.



Măltăreț Lake

One of the most beautiful recreational attractions in Arad, the lake is just outside of Arad and it’s the perfect escape from the City. Here you will feel as if you are miles away from civilization. If you fancy the lake that much you can stay overnight, at one of the two lake side cabins.



Minis-Maderat Vineyard

The Minis Maderat Vineyard looks like a movie set. If you want to take some great photos to show to your friends or taste some great wine, this is the perfect place!



Moneasa resort

The resort might be a bit further than others, 110km away, but it’s the kind of place that’s beautiful no matter the season. The resort lies in the same locality with the same name.




Mures Floodplain Natural Park

The Mures Floodplain Natural Park is spread across a massive 17,455 acres of land. It follows the Mures River and it hosts over 200 birds which mostly are protected worldwide.




Mureș Isle

The Mures Isle formed naturally about two centuries ago. It is the perfect getaway from the loud City of Arad. The vegetation here is abundant due to its location. The Isle is filled with tiny houses, cabins and vacation houses, which make it among the most preferred recreational attractions in Arad.




Neptun Swimming Pool

The Neptun Swimming Pool is the second largest in Europe. If you like water, here you will find lots of it. Here you can find anything you want, from a water slide to a cabin to spend the night at.



The Ceala Forest

The Ceala Forest is just 6 Km south of Arad. The special thing about this forest is that it looks untouched by man. The reason for this is that it’s protected by the authorities.




The Vladimirescu Forest

The Vladimirescu Forest is situated just next to the Vladimirescu locality. At just 7 km from the east side of Arad it server as the perfect place for some quiet.



Have you ever visited Arad? We did and we enjoyed it! We’re planning to do a six-parts story about this amazing city, so feel free to subscribe to receive the latest articles! Leave your comments below!


(Photo sources: Google Images)

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