Visit Arad Part 3: A list of the main monument attractions in Arad


With a history going back to the 11th century, Arad is one of the largest cities in Crisana, a historic-geographic region of Romania. With a small ruined fortress located in the middle of the Town, Arad is a large centre of cultures and traditions. If you’re planning a visit, here’s a list with a few of the monument attractions in Arad.



Bust of Moise Nicoara

Moise Nicoara was born on 30th of November 1784 and passed away on 10th of October 1861. During his life he was a teacher, translator, writer and a Romanian patriot, fighting for the rights of Romanians from Banat and Crisana regions of Romania.




Bust of Vasile Goldis

Vasile Goldis was born on 12th of November 1862 and died on 10th of February 1934. During his life he was a teacher, a publisher and a political person. Vasile Goldis spent all of his time helping others and for this he received the prize of honorable member of the Romanian Academy.








Martyrs’ Cross

The Martyrs’ Cross of union from 1918-1919 is a monument which can be found in the Eminescu park in Arad. It was built on 17th of May 1936 in memory of those killed during the communist Hungarian attack from the west of Romania.





Reconciliation Park

After defeating the revolution from 1948 – 1949, the 13 Generals that were guilty of murder were sentenced to death on 6th of October 1849. 41 years later on 6th October 1890 the Statue of Liberty was built in their memory. However, the Statue was removed from the park until 2004 after many discussions. Today you can see Avram Iancu and other revolutionaries gazing upon the surroundings.




The Arch of Triumph

The Arch of Triumph can be found in the Reconciliation Park. It was designed and built by the sculptor Ioan Bolborea and it symbolises the three Romanian Countries. Under the Arch you can see the Revolutionists from Bucharest and on the Arch you can see the heads of the movements during 1848 from Transilvania, Moldova and the Romanian Country.




The Monument of the Holy Trinity

The monument was built over 100 years ago with money gathered from the locals. The monument was a token of gratitude, thanking God for eliminating the plague that killed many during 1737-1738. The monument was removed in 1957 by the communist authorities because it did not fit with the architectural ambiance of the City. In 1993 the monument was placed back to its place after many civic and religious associations have asked for it.




The Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty was designed and built by the sculptor Groggy Zala from Budapest. It was officially finished and placed in the Reconciliation Park on 6th of October 1890. The main composition of the statue represents liberty. On the top of the Statue sits Avram Iancu and at the base of it you can see the 13 martyr generals.





The Statue of St. Ioan Nepomuk

The statue was unveiled in the year 1729 in Arad. It is sitting in the current place since 1870. The statue was built by an unknown artist from Vienna, Austria. Today, it can be found on the Episcopiei street and before this, it was placed near the Mures river since St. Ioan Nepomuk was considered the protector of water and forests.




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