St Andrews Scottish Pub Sibiu

St. Andrews Scottish Pub is a special and different place from other bars in Sibiu. Here you can find a wide variety of beers from all around the world, served by very friendly staff.

We accepted the invitation of a friend to visit this local and to write a short article about him. The result? See below!



The bar is located on Avram Iancu Street, opposite the Romanian Aeroclub (for connoisseurs). Located 1 min away from Piata Mare and 10 min from the train station, the bar has a strategic position for tourists. If you want to change the atmosphere a little and serve a different beer in a unique location, then you have to come here.




The Scottish ambience is the main attraction of the bar: as soon as you step into the area, you feel you have arrived in another country, in a place where every employee smiles and is your best friend. The entire property is decorated with Scottish elements, from newspaper articles to clothing accessories. Even the toilet offers you a sense of intimacy and freedom: great space, with all the necessary personal hygiene objects. If it happens  to be busy, you can spend your time reading published newspapers , which are glued to the walls.


Drinks Selection

The Scottish Pub probably has the most varied selection of beverages in Sibiu. You can enjoy over 60 beers from all over Europe, asides from the local beers. But if you want to try something different, you will definitely find here beer types that you did not even know that exist. The staff will gladly explain the difference between them and will recommend the best drink.



Small, Stylish and Affordable, St. Andrews Scottish Pub in Sibiu is certainly a place to enjoy your morning coffee. You can have a cold beer on a hot summer day, or even spend a quiet evening with your friends.

I heard they have the best burger in town. I have not tried their food yet, but I will certainly do that at the next visit. Overall, it is a superb place.

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