Conacul lui Bulica

Have you decided on your accommodation in Novaci, or anywhere near this area? We’ve got a suggestion for you: Conacul lui Bulică! This place is amazing, we had a really nice time there and the owners are very friendly and provide you with everything you need.


Accommodation in Novaci: Conacul lui Bulică


Conacul lui Bulică is located in Novaci-Straini, 12 km away from Ranca, 39 km away from Straja and 75 km away from Sibiu International Airport. It offers private parking and free Wi-Fi, a common lounge and a covered terrace.





The building has 11 double rooms, 10 of which have their own bathroom. There is also a bathroom located at the first floor. The capacity of this place is of 20 persons or even more. What we enjoyed about the rooms is the fact that they are really large and clean, with nice decorations and very large windows, offering a view over the surrounding area. Every room has its own flat-screen TV, towels, access to Wi-Fi, heat and warm water.

One other great thing we experienced there: we arrived Friday evening and our event was supposed to end Sunday evening. The owners informed us that we don’t really have to check-out by 12 (as it is common at most hotels); instead, we could finish our event, come back and take a shower, then leave back home. This was another reason why we decided to spend an extra night there!





Conacul lui Bulică has a large courtyard where you can enjoy the views and the fresh air. If you’re planning on having a barbecue, then this is the place! They offer all the equipment and support needed for your barbecue to be a success. In addition, you can eat or drink at the wooden tables available. During rainy days, these tables are covered with large umbrellas or with a tent.



Food and cooking


The information that you will find on other websites will tell you that this pension does not have a restaurant, which is true. However, if you are hungry and you would like to eat something, feel free to inform the owners (this is what we did). In addition, tourists have access to the fully-equipped kitchen, in case they want to cook their own meals. Guests can store their food and drinks in the local fridge, while they also have access to the oven, glasses, plates and dish washing machine.

We arrived late in the evening, when all restaurants in that area were closed. The owners asked us if we were hungry (which we were) and they prepared a nice traditional plateau, with local bread, cheese, meat and vegetables. Early in the morning they prepared breakfast for us and a really nice coffee which we drank in the courtyard.




We were amazed by these prices, to be honest. We were supposed to stay there only two nights for an event, but we got an additional night to enjoy this amazing place. Here’s a list with the prices and the offers they have:

One room / Night – 100 lei

Full building / Night – 1000 lei

Discount for min. 5 nights – 10%

Discount for groups of min. 22 people – 5%




If you’re interested in learning more about this amazing place, feel free to check Conacul lui Bulică on Facebook.

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