24 hours in Novaci

Novaci is a small village in the Gorj county, surrounded by beautiful views and mountains. Pack your bags for a 24-hours adventure!



Once you arrive at Novaci, go ahead and check-in at Conacul lui Bulica. It is a really nice place to spend the night, the owners are really friendly and the food they cook is amazing. Plus, you will have a great view of the surrounding area.



One of the most amazing roads in Romania is located at a 60-min drive from Novaci. Follow the road to Ranca an check out the Transalpina road. Make sure to plan your visit carefully, since this road is closed during the night and during the winter season.

You can spend a few hours here to enjoy the fresh air and a small picnic. Plus, driving on this road is really nice!

Pestera Muierilor

Located in Baia de Fier, Pestera Muierilor (translated to The Cave of Women) is another way to enjoy the natural beauties. You will need a group of minimum 4 people to enter it (for safety) and the access is allowed at full hour, once at every 60 min (11:00, 12:00, 13:00 and so on).

Ranca Ski Resort

If you’re planning a visit during the winter, you can also spend a few hours at Ranca Ski Resort. You can choose to bring your own equipment or you can rent some from the local owners. Feel free to grab a glass of boiled wine with you to warm up during the cold temperatures!

What are your plans for this weekend? Where do you want us to go next? Leave your comments below and share us your thoughts!

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