Visit Arad Part 2: A list of the main historical attractions in Arad


With a history going back to the 11th century, Arad is one of the largest cities in Crisana, a historic-geographic region of Romania. With a small ruined fortress located in the middle of the Town, Arad is a large centre of cultures and traditions. If you’re planning a visit, here’s a list with a few of the historical attractions in Arad.

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Historical attractions in Arad


The High Teacher Training School

The high Teacher Training school (Preparandia Romana) is the first school of Romanian language teachers from Ardeal. It was founded in Arad in the year 1812 by order from Emperor Francis the 1st. When the school was first opened, there were 78 students and the classes were held by 4 teachers. Now the school is a museum.


Preparandia Romana



The House with Cannon Balls

Also known as “Beller House”, this is a late Baroque style with elements which represent the Swabian middle class members. The house is also known as “House with Cannon Balls” because within its walls there are 17 cannon balls of different sizes which were fired during the bombing of 1848 – 1849.

The House with Cannon Balls




The House with the Padlock

This house was built in the year 1815 by Joseph Winkler, a Viennese merchant. This house raised much interest from locals. In a corner of the building there was a tree trunk enclosed by a metal bar secured by a lock. The legend was that anyone who would manage to open the lock would get the house. However, no one managed to open the lock as there was no mechanism.


The House with Padlock


The Old Custom House

Built in 1907, the Old Custom House was purposed to serve as a customs point for goods which entered the markets in Arad.



The Old Theatre

It is one of the oldest theatres in the south east of Europe. It was built between 1817 and 1818 by Jakob Hirschl, a Viennese which lived in Arad as a salesman. In 1907 the first cinema in town was established and it remained open until the ‘80s. The building was closed for the reason that the state of the building was unsafe.


Hirschl Old Theatre


Water Tower

Also known as “Turnul de Apa” in Romanian. When the construction was completed, it was the tallest building in the city. The tower was meant to supply water the city with water, and it did it until 1956. Today, the Water Tower is a museum of water themed exhibitions.




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