Where do you want us to go next?

We’ve been travelling a lot lately and we’ve seen some amazing places. Unfortunatelly, we had no internet connection for a while and we couldn’t upload the pictures we took.
No worries! We’ve got them scheduled for posting and we’ll post them here once we’ve got the entire content.

The Palace of Parliament, Bucharest

Now, let’s talk a bit about you! 

Where do you live? What are your favourite places to visit? What would you like to visit but you have no time or budget? We might have some content with these places and you could help us with our content planning!

Museum of Traditional Civilization, Sibiu

Our scheduled posts
We have scheduled some posts here as you noticed. We’ve got a 6-part story about the most beautiful attractions in Arad. We chose this city due to the fact that we really enjoyed it and we wanted to write something nice about it.
If you have a specific town / region / resort that you enjoyed, let us know!

Ioan Slavici Classic Theatre, Arad

Where do you want us to go next?

We are looking for ideas with places we could visit next. This includes towns, regions, sites, facilities, festivals, mountains… Anything!

Conacul Lui Bulica, Novaci

Just drop your ideas in the comments section below and we’ll take care of it!

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