Top 5 museums to visit in Sibiu

If you ever wondered what are the top 5 museums to visit in Sibiu, then you reached the right place! If you don’t have any plans this weekend, then get ready for a day full of culture and history.





Top 5 museums to visit in Sibiu



5. Natural History Museum

Don’t mind her, that’s just my sister.


The Natural history museum has various exhibits from all historical periods. They have a small mammoth, spiders, insects, snakes, ducks, birds, everything! What is more, the entire exhibit is arranged really nice, so that you follow a story line about how animals developed. Besides, you get to hear various sounds in the background, coming from real animals. We hope you have at least one hour to spend here! Oh, and don’t forget to take pictures with the dinosaurs in the yard!



4. Franz Binder Museum


It is also known as the Museum of International Ethnography. We first visited two temporary exhibitions about costumes and maps, but the main exhibition really stole our hearts. You start your journey in a room with pieces from the oldest civilizations, then you travel as well through time and space, reaching the African civilizations and culture, ending up with the Egyptian civilization. Believe it or not, but they have a real mummy in that room as well!




3. History Museum


It may look small from the outside, but keep in mind that the interior garden hosts some of the most amazing shows at the International Theater Festival. What we enjoyed about it was the main exhibition, where you go through the human history timeline. Then you see how the traditional Romanians used to live and at the end you reach civilizations from all over the world. When you think you are done, you find out that there are even more to see! We visited the monetary and relics exhibition, the armor and arms exhibition, we also saw a small room about the Romanian Revolution and we ended up playing with a cute dog from the back yard (he was a bit old, but very playful).





2.Open Air Village Museum ASTRA



This may be a cliché, but we also think that this is the most beautiful museum to visit in Sibiu. You would need at least 3 hours to see it all, but the time spent there will be worth it. You can see old traditional houses, windmills and water mills, crafting workshops, churches and you can also have a nice and warm meal at the local restaurant (very good food, very nice staff). If you feel playful, you can also try the local bowling (all items are made of wood).

Our friend from Seven Wanders The World also did a cool video about it, so feel free to check it out:





1. Brukenthal Museum


Brukenthal Museum is the oldest museum in Romania and Central-Eastern Europe and it was the third museum to open its gates in the world (after Louvre and British Museum). Samuel von Brukenthal was Maria Teresa’s secret counselor and she named him Governor for his cultural knowledge. The museum is full with interesting stories and amazing exhibitions, gathering some of the most valuable engravings in the world. This year it celebrates 200 years of history, so make sure to visit it! Have a virtual tour here.

You can get to know more about its recent restoration in this video:





Here are some other museums that you might want to consider when visiting the culture of Sibiu. They may have not reached the top 5 museums to visit in Sibiu, but they really have some exciting stuff to present.



Pharmaceutical History Museum



Evangelic Church Museum

Museum of Hunting 


Make sure to check when the Long Night of Museums takes place and clear your schedule! These museums should not be missed!


What is your favorite museum in Sibiu? Let your thoughts in the comments section below!


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