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Did you see those amazing classic cars in Sibiu? Surely you saw these beauties and old ladies walking around or relaxing in parking lots. If not, you should check them out at Golden Tulip and Continental Forum hotels, before they leave to Bucharest. Since we saw many people taking photos and wondering what the entire event is about, we decided to get to know more about this and hit off with a post. Let’s go ahead and take a look at what we found!



A car enthusiast would go online and check Retromobil’s website to check if there is any event programmed, while others will check Google for more information. A perfectly normal and curious person would simply ask the organizers what’s the event about (of course we didn’t do that, we went on Retromobil website).


Since this event was only hosted by Romania and not organized by our local organizations, not much information about it was available. So we went on Touramical website and saw that they only have a Dutch version, which is why we got a translator (you don’t want to know how Google “translated” their text). Basically, here’s what we can tell you:


About Touramical


Touramical is at its 14th Edition with more than 250 crews participating. They are heading to Bucharest, where they will be competing on Titi Aur Academy Track between 12.00-16.00. Then in the evening all cars will be parked at Mariott Hotel Bucharest. Friday and Saturday (12-13 May 2017) these cars can also be seen in Tiriac Collection Museum.

All competitors follow the route Antwerp – Prague – Budapest – Bucharest, returning to Belgium by charter planes or trailers. Each car has a GPS tracking system which allows live tracking of the crews anytime. You can actually watch their tracking here. All competitors are divided into teams and they follow different paths (we found out about this on their website, while translating Dutch to English).


Overall Impression

This competition looks really fun and interesting, especially since there are so many classic and amazing participating cars. It would have been better if their website also had an English version since it’s an international competition. You MUST see these cars, you don’t get to see something like this every day!


Check out our photo gallery with the beauties that we found in Sibiu.


Have you seen the Touramical crews? Feel free to share your thoughts on this subject in the comments below!



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