Cheile Aiudului

Cheile Aiudului is beautiful place to spend a weekend in the nature. Located near the popular Cheile Turzii, this natural wonder is a perfect place to escape the city life and enjoy the clean air, far from urban noise and agitation. The rocky crests take you back in time, giving you freedom to imagine how the land developed through time. These places are preferred by those who want to experience exciting hiking adventures or simple sightseeing in one of the Romanian beautiful places.



The Knights’ Temple Castle



The Knights’ Temple Castle is hidden in Cheile Aiudului’s cliffs. It is located in Vălișoara National Reservation , built on a XIII Century Castle. If you are looking for accommodation in this beautiful place, then you’re in luck!







These cliffs not only offer a great view of Romanian lands, but they also give access to some small caves where tourists can hide from rain. However, make sure to take additional safety equipment when hiking, since these cliffs can be dangerous for beginners.


Lifestyle and local people



While traveling through Cheile Aiudului you will see how local people live. The main activity in these areas is agriculture, so feel free to stop by and enjoy the local lifestyle. We parked on a secondary road and went visiting the local area. Everything was very quiet and relaxing, we even sat down on the grass and admired the local flora. Spring is a wonderful time of the year to visit these types of places.



Down by the river



Of course we had to go down by the river and take a few photos. Everything is so clean and natural, with amazing colors everywhere you look.



Cheile Aiudului Local Flora




If you are looking for nice plants to take macro shots, then this is the right place for you. Unfortunately we were not expecting to reach this amazing place and we forgot our camera at home, so we had to take these pictures with our phone (yeah, we have to have an upgrade to a better camera).




What we did NOT like


Even though we decided to come back next weekend and stay overnight in a tent, there were some things that we did not like. While traveling to Aiud, we saw some places where you could see the human negative on the nature. Deforestation and stone quarry are in development here. We were not expecting to see these type of activities in such a wonderful place, but this reminded us how important it is to protect our natural beauties.




Overall review

Overall, we decided to come back next weekend, so right now we’re writing this review while preparing our tent. We’ll be having barbeque as a main meal, keeping our drinks in a natural fridge (check out how it’s done here). We really enjoy having a nice trip in the nature, to get rid of all urban noise. Would you like to join us?


What are your thoughts on this trip? Have you ever visited Cheile Aiudului?

Where would you want us to go next?

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