Romanian Labor Day City Break

Labor day is a cool festivity celebrated by many people all around the world. In Romania this celebration is known as “1 Mai Muncitoresc“, or as “The Official Barbeque Season Start” or “Saint Mici Day” (mici = smalls or little ones in English). Those of you who visited Romania at least once might have heard about this easy to cook dish, quite common in Romania. Are you curious about our Romanian Labor Day City Break? Check out these photos!

Romanian Labor Day City Break

Everyone receives a day off on the 1st of May each year, since this is a national celebration. Many people go by the sea, while others spend their short vacation in the mountains. Our Romanian Labor Day City Break was pretty common to others, since we decided to have a barbeque in the nature.

Yeah, we know we tend to get a bit distracted sometimes, but the food we had yesterday was amazing. Our city break was actually a break away from the city, in the nature, where the only noise you hear is the flowing river or the burning fire. Rest assured that no forest burned during our stay, since we used protection (always use protection, right?).



Mici si Bere

Some of you may know that Romanians are serious beer drinkers. What we guarantee is that during the Romanian Labor Day City Break most people go with the simple tradition of eating Mici and drinking beer. In addition to these beloved little ones, Romanians also go with grilled pork, beef and chicken, which are really tasty with a bit of garlic and some barbeque condiments. Mmmm, I think I’m hungry again!



Oh, by the way! Grilled vegetables and mushrooms are really tasty!



Now, let us tell you a quick fact about Romanians: they are very creative and innovative! They have the ability of building really cool things with a minimum of resources. Since in the nature you don’t have any power to bring a fridge, people create small pools to cool off their drinks. I’m actually looking forward to eating a watermelon in a few months, cooled by the river.




To be honest, spending a day in the nature with your friends and having a nice barbeque is more than needed once in a while. Getting away from regular routine and escaping the city may be what you need when searching for additional energy resources.



How did you spend May 1st? Have you ever tasted the mici? What are your thoughts on our Romanian Labor Day City Break?

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